Born in the island of Corfu GREECE , Achilleas also known for many years
in the house scene for his act FOG . With a vast ammount of releases
he gave birth on his CheapEdits alias focusing into more diverse
productions . Balearic,downtempo or other times into more nu wave italo
shapes. He made his first debut at the mighty Music For Dreams with his
“Porta Remunda” EP including a stellar remix from Kenneth Bager .

Been also active at the label’s radioshow for more than 100 episodes
slowly but surely he sneak his way in into the MFD family . After his
virginal imprint the next move on remix duties on Copenemas
“serei sei” delivering a more uptempo take of the original .

His 2nd release “Last Day” was a 2 moody italo / synth joint under
MFD roof again with also participating on several compilations of
the label .

Check out the releases on his Bandcamp page

More releases coming soon from Achilleas merging
different genres in the near future .