Circles Of Sound

Circles of Sound

Imagine 3 decades of musical experience from award winning pop, jazz-fusion, electronic lounge music melting into a brand new musical vibe, but with roots in the past of the three members of Circles of sound.

Circles of Sound is a trio from Denmark – Living near Elsinore with a view to Sweden. Peter, Per, Yasmin have known each other from the late 80`s, and have roots way back in a jazzy latin vibe – from various live acts to recording together.

Yasmin and Peter have released several albums on Geffen records in the nineties. The three of them fused in 2015 as Circles of Sound. An electric – timeless – lounge Group. In a world dominated by fast moving pop music, their music meditates in the grooves that last longer than the average 3 minutes. The common mantra is – Time in time – time to stay.- No verse, bridge, chorus – but fragments and soundbites that circles in and out of the atmospheric foundation which it is based on.