Copenhagen 2021, Vol. 2

Copenhagen 2021, Vol. 2 Compiled by Kenneth Bager is out now in all digital stores.

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Just like last year, Copenhagen Vol. 2 is a compilation filled to the
rim with catchy blessings, making sure that you can withhold in the
upcoming winter. Noticeable amongst these blessings is the opener ‘Mellancolía’ by
danish guitar player Jacob Gurevitsch and, the Spanish flamencoqueen, Buika.
Another addition is the almost theatrical sound and lyrical universe of Perfect Plush’s new single ‘Come By the Hills’. A
tune that’s being played all over danish radio.

‘Island Of Dreams’ the shining exclusive gem by Doctr is hanging in there as well, delivering the always embraced italo-disco sound, straight from fistpumping Amsterdam.
The art-pop quintet consisting of legend Kenneth Bager, the classical pianist Troels Hammer and electronic duo DJ DIVO & OliO
strikes with ‘Stuck In My Feelings’. An original track that with Phillip Glass-like pianos, meets 80ties Fairlight CMI sample ideas, meets
Planet Rock, meets Indian children’s choir. To culminate the craziness, Kenneth Bager imprints his club banger over the past couple
of years ‘Let’s Go Crazy’. A tune that commands and dictates one to go bonkers. Conspicuous as well is ‘Let’s Dream Together’ by The
New Age Orchestra the lost piece of treasure that’s resurfaced. The groovy beat, voluptuous vocals, satisfying driving bassline, as
dreamy and whimsical as can be is taking you on a hike down to
the beach.
RKDIA stops by with their single ‘Iris’ from their newly released debut album ‘Into Rkdia’. Anton Eger’s unpredictable and truly inspiring,
almost melodic drums and glitchy percussion, let ‘Iris’ arise into the unsudden, accompanied by Morten Schantz, foremost, bleepy arpeggiated chords and mellow vocals.
This is followed by ‘Soledade (Meditation 4)’ a calm and meditative atmosphere, providing a
gentle topography for the emotional flows to unfold upon. Everything blends harmoniously in immersive and captivating melodic and rhythmic states.
Rounding the entire compilation of is Hess Is More and his brother
Nikolaj Hess interpreting Go Go Go Go (Take 1) showcasing the pianosphere of their album released earlier this month.
Drift away into the blessings of Copenhagen Vol. 2.


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