Copenhagen 2023, Vol.2 compiled by Kenneth Bager

Copenhagen 2023, Vol.2 compiled by Kenneth Bager is out now

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The Copenhagen series showcases the best new releases from Music For Dreams, as selected by label boss Kenneth Bager. The second instalment of the 2023 edition is being released on Nov 14th.
Spanning gutsy house pop, lush electronic anthems, cinematic synth realms and spaced-out downtempo. Featuring venerable Balearic masters and keen newcomers. Everything you need to go spelunking through the dreamworld, all in one place.
Highlights include Kenneth Bager & Findlay Brown’s first single ‘Don’t Give Up’ off their forthcoming album, the minimalistic art-pop of Hess Is More’s ‘You And Me And Them’, islandman’s stratospheric summer anthem ‘Sunshine’, Ken Fan’s pristine chill-out track ‘Mariwo’, and Julie Pavon’s indomitable funk-house hit ‘Don’t Call Me Out’.
It’s been a strong year for Music For Dreams, with the label intensifying their pursuit of the sonic eccentricities that struggle to find a home elsewhere in the current music ecosystem. Lots of great releases that didn’t make it onto here as well, which you are encouraged to check out.