Dalholt & Bjarno EP

Dalholt & Bjarno EP is out now in all digital stores.

Click here to listen or download

Copenhagen-based Dalholt & Bjarno have collaborated on their new EP.
‘Dalholt & Bjarno EP’ features 5 four-to the floor club weapons that’s sure to gather the desired energy on the dancefloor.
First there’s ‘Barmudeh’ that makes an introduction to the desert vibes of the EP. ‘Indiana’, is an Indian electronic tune that’s both dreaming and hard hitting. Talking about hard hitting there’s also ‘E Flat Iron’ and ‘Koperc’. Peak time thumping percussion driven trains, that’ll
make the party people groove like there’s no tomorrow.
Rounding of the EP is ‘Wadijha’ that draws back on the Indian inspiration with beautiful melodies from the sitar and kalimba, not to mention the pleasing percussion.


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