Dalholt & Langkilde

Frederik Langkilde and Mats Dalholt does not beat around the bush in describing themselves as a balearic duo. Their sound is unique and groove based, build on a live feel, consisting of few elements in effective and simple arrangements. Their sound is contemporary but related to some of the greats of the french scene like Serge Gainsbourg and Max Berlin in bringing acoustic sounds into an electronic space. With a past in live bands, Langkilde provides the guitar and the talking while Dalholt, with a long experience as a DJ, provides sparse electronics and percussion.

With such a distinct sound, it may come as a surprise that they only started making music first in 2014. They contribute this to a great instant chemistry between the two, which is evident in the effortless elegance of their music. So far, Music For Dreams has released three tracks: the quiet masterpiece “Charité”, “Afrique” and lately “Sur Plus”