DJ Pippi & Willie Graff – Piel Piel

DJ Pippi & Willie Graff – Piel Piel single is out now.

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The Ibiza lords DJ Pippi & Willie Graff are collaborating for the first time, releasing the title track of their forthcoming album ‘Piel to Piel’.
DJ Pippi has risen to legendary status in Ibiza. Together with DJ Alfredo and Cesar Melero, he has made the Balearic Island of Ibiza the world-known tourist spot that you know today. In the ‘80s the
three of them mixed all sorts of genres when DJing.
This style of D’ing is now known as Balearic, the distinct Ibiza sound that is loved and respected worldwid, and has become a genre of itself.
Willie Graff was at the age of 14, the youngest DJ to
play at the renowned Pacha. Together with DJ
Pippi, he’s withholding the true spirit of Ibiza as a resident DJ on the island. Contributing even further to the Balearic spirit they’re releasing their first single ‘Piel A Piel’.
It’s a track featuring Belgian Charlotte C’s sensualized voice, drawing the listener into a trance, and
Danish guitar player Jacob Gurevitsch contributing
with his sphere of stunning melodies, keeping this
Music For Dreams collab stuck in your head.


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