Emil Germ

A sensitive artist overflowing with creativity and personality.
26-year old Emil Germod is a sound designer, producer and musician from Denmark. His style has been described as a mix between Arthur Russell (Dinosaur L) and Royksopp meets Vini Reilly (The Durutti Coumn), but stands firmly on his own two feet, combining falsetto vocals, beautiful guitar playing and powerful keyboards with slow disco grooves: “I just play and do what feels natural” says Emil Germ.

A characteristic of Emil Germ’s music is his eclectic mix of his very own deep and high-pitched falsetto voice, guest singers and space disco grooves. He insists ‘I can take the quirkiest ingredients and make them sound amazing, even a midi slap bass or the use of guitar hero solos’.

Emil first committed his production sensibilities to minimal techno and then later on to punk and rock, but with the Emil Germ project, he has found his place in a more pop and disco-orientated expression, where the key goal is to make catchy music with substance.