Hess is More – Iboja’s Theme

Hess is More with Nikolaj Hess – Iboja’s Theme is out now

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The brothers Nikolaj & Mikkel Hess have shared 40 years of musical explorations.
This is the second recording of Piano Chronicles.

‘Ibojas’s Theme’ is dedicated to and inspired by Iboja. Hess Is More released his latest album in January where 99-year-old Iboja Wandall-Holm sings and unfolds her unrivalled inventory of childhood memories and unique treasures of songs.

This single is made recorded as a four-handed piano session where Mikkel and Nikolaj play at the same time on the same piano. The atmosphere is almost reflecting a conversation between the two brothers.

Enjoy melodies and harmonies that’ll get you hooked, and the improvised surprises that’ll keep you coming back. This is music of the moment, shaped by the shared musical history of these two musical brothers.



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