Hess is More – Solen Går Ned Over Land

The New single by Hess is More feat. Iboja and co-produced by Kenneth Bager is out now in all digital stores.

Click here to stream or download

At the centre of the project ‘Ibojas Sange’ you hear the vocal of Iboja Wandall-Holm who’s of 99 years of age.
Solen Går Ned Over Land is, like the rest of the songs on the upcoming album, part of the unique collection of songs that Iboja has carried
with her since her youth in Eastern Europe and that she has later translated into Danish. The album invites one to experience a musical
meeting where Ibojas songs are placed in a new light by Danish musician Mikkel Hess and members of the band Hess Is More along with co-producer Kenneth Bager.
Still, in her late nineties, Iboja sings with a beautiful presence that magically combines high intimacy with a sense of travelling through history.

She is in more than one sense, the voice of the century. Solen Går Ned Over Land, is the second excerpt of the 60-minute musical journey that unfolds on the upcoming album Ibojas Sange (Ibojas Songs). In this single version, the fragments of a
timeline are arranged in a condensed form, that on its own terms can be heard as a timeless pop
song in radio format.


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