Hess is More – You Don’t Dance

Hess is More – You Don’t Dance is out now.

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The Danish indie luminary Mikkel Hess, alias Hess Is More, will release his new single ‘You Don’t Dance’ on February 6. The track comes off Hess’ forthcoming album, which is set to be released in April on Music For Dreams.

Hess describes the track as “a six-bar chant that bites its own tail. A musical attempt at a recipe for some momentary happiness.”

The production is thoroughly old-school, with vintage synths and old drum machines mixed in with some guitar and bass. The track was played as part of Hess Is More’s award winning performance series Apollonian Blackout, and is now being released in the original studio version.

Hess Is More gained notoriety in the mid-2000’s with his colorful, self-aware, and always deeply original takes on electronic and indie genres. Since then, he has turned out a series of individual and collaborative projects, often veering into other disciplines such as theater and art-installation.

With his forthcoming album, Hess returns as a (mostly) solo artist, with a little help from close family in the writing, performing and producing. The vision is a patchwork of distinctive pop designs, from the minimalist and intimate to the unabashedly expressive. One that is always curious about new configurations of the ironic and the sincere.