islandman – Amarnos Ahora

The fantastic new single by islandman – Amarnos Ahora is out now in all digital stores.

Click here to listen or download

There is a clear line between the music of Turkish Islandman and rising Equadorian singer Huaira. Both are interested in bringing their native folklore into new expression. Both like to blend the organic with the electronic, synthesizing inherited identity as oblique pathways to the now.
On ‘Amarnos Ahora’ they explore this common ground. There’s a flamenco bend to the groove, otherwise of classic brazen islandman variety. Here enter Huaira’s vocals, a nebulous and enchanting chorus twirling serpentine around the bubbly synths. The sound is full of warm hues and crisp textures, highly danceable, recognizable yet cryptically pan-national.
Lastly, deserving special mention is the brilliant percussion work curtesy of recently deceased Bongo Entp. (Jacob Andersen). RIP.


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