islandman – Jambo Maro (Scorpio Twins Remix)

islandman – Jambo Maro (Scorpio Twins Remix) is out now.

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islandman’s ’Jambo Maro’ receives the Scorpio Twins treatment. Gaining notoriety with stellar remixes for Rheinzand and endorsed by the likes of DJ Harvey, Bill Brewster & Sean Johnston’s ALFOS, Scorpio Twins return with their take on Jambo Maro from islandman’s 2020 Kaybola album. Giving the track a typical end of 80’s Belgian flavour, the build-up from an enigmatic whisper through a magnetic buzz results in an ever growing tribal chant by the islandman and his cult, getting down with their bad selves, tripping out on a dose of lysergic waffle, not falafel.
This release is the third in a series of specially curated islandman remixes which also features tracks by Hardway Bros and SONLIFE.