islandman – Simple Man

islandman – Simple Man is out now.

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The trailblazing Turkish world-electronic trio new track ‘Simple Man’, a smoky tribal banger reminiscent of the group’s biggest hits. Demonic bass, spine-tingling percussion and snake charmer melodics spark off each other in a dubby, cheeky, rioutus space theatre. The track features the unique sounds of legendary Turkish percussionist Okay Temiz. These sounds were recorded in a studio session in Istanbul when the group were preparing for their Air Anatolia special live events. At the end of the session when the band were singing his praises, Okay just replied “I’m just a simple man’.
This is the second single off the forthcoming EP Popsicle Obstacle, to be released in October on Music for Dreams. The album was recorded during the band’s visit to Copenhagen in the spring and will see the trio further their experiments into the borderlands of dubby electronica, space-pop and acoustic musical traditions from around the globe.