Jacob Gurevitsch – Breathe

The new song Breathe feat. Mark Linn on Vocals is out now in all digital stores – Click here to listen or download.

Jacob Gurevitsch returns with the single ‘Breathe’ off forthcoming album. His familiar Spanish guitar billow along a slow jazz beat accompanied by coiling violin and vocals by Mark Linn.

Together, the elements compose a hazy vibe. The music of smoky lounges, fog draped lakes and moonlit streets tracing uncertain destinies.

Mark sings about being in it, this mysterious, incomprehensible life of ours, about sensing its magic, breathing it in and perhaps disarming some of the anxieties of its endless doubts and absurdities.

Jacob Gurevitsch’ love for the Spanish guitar began 15 years ago when the instrument struck some hidden chord within him. He is now something of a virtuoso in the dramatic and emotional nuances of the instrument and has gathered a great following.

One of the biggest guitar soloists on the planet, his music speaks to a yearning for re- enchantment, to capture the lost romance and poetry of life. Jacob is currently working on his third album, due to be released in 2021.


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