Jacob Gurevitsch feat. Buika – Melancolía

The new single by Jacob Gurevitsch feat. Buika – Melancolía is out now in all digital stores.

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On ‘Melancholía’, Jacob Gurevitsch is accompanied by Grammy nominated singer Buika in an aching attempt at beauty in the face of despair.
When Gurevitsch first saw the Mallorcan singer perform a few years ago, he was moved to tears. The Danish guitarist had been struck by Buika’s bleeding-heart performance. Before meeting or contacting her, he composed this song with her and her mesmerizing voice in mind. Luckily, when they finally linked up, Buika loved the track and a collaboration was born.
‘Melancolía’ is an exploration of loss and beauty as a recourse within painful times. Danes are known for their tendency towards melancholy, although here, the grey Nordic despondency makes way for a kind of poetic wallowing that compliments the Spanish guitar and singing.
Gurevitsch’ guitar paints a siesta scene of empty plazas frozen in the sun. Buika lets the dry tenderness of her vocals run through it like a warm summer breeze. Together they hit a note of stoical sorrow, adorned with slow but faithful strings and mellow harmonica poetics.

Jacob Gurevitsch’ love for the Spanish guitar began 15 years ago when the instrument struck a hidden chord within him.
Today he’s something of a virtuoso, fluently traversing the dramatic and emotional language of the instrument. A drop of Argentina, old Italian movies and early morning walks through Northern Spanish hills.
One of the biggest guitar soloists on the planet, his music speaks to a yearning for re- enchantment, to capture the lost romance and poetry of life. Jacob is currently working on his third album, due to be released in 2021.


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