Jacob Gurevitsch – For Your Love

Jacob Gurevitsch – For Your Love Feat. Arturo Sandoval is out now.

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Jacob Gurevitsch’ new single, ‘For Your Love’, which
features the venerable Cuban jazz trumpetist Arturo Sandoval.
Sandoval was a prominent figure on the international jazz scene of the 70’s and 80’s, the mentee of Dizzy Gillespie who went on to become a pioneer of latin jazz, winning four Grammy awards in his career. He is also, of course, a personal hero and lifelong influence on Jacob Gurevitsch for whom the collaboration is a dream come true.
The track combines Gurevitsch’ Spanish guitar and Sandoval’s trumpet in a rich mood of hazy romance. The guitar leads us off and the trumpet responds, letting the whole world dissolve in its gentle dance. Drums and percussion fall like dustings of powdered sugar on top of the meandering melodies. ‘For Your Love’ comes off Gurevitsch’ anticipated fourth album.