Jacob Gurevitsch – Morning View

Jacob Gurevitsch – Morning View is out now.

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Jacob Gurevitsch wanders off into the morning mist on this gorgeous new single. As always, the guitar is elegant, precise, and wrought with deep affection. A master at capturing the beauty in the scenes of everyday life, Gurevitsch here muses on the serenity of the early morning vista. The
feeling of rising to a world that has turned simple and easy. That this is all that really matters: the gentle grace of drifting clouds
upon a pale blue. ‘Morning View’ comes as the fourth single from the forthcoming fourth album, which will see the Dane elaborate on his craft of
romantic and unassuming guitar compositions, peppered with select vocal
and instrumental features.
Jacob says “The song was written in El Terreno in Palma de Mallorca, a truly inspiring spot where most of the forthcoming album was written. I wrote it an early morning in the kitchen of my friend’s house, looking out on the glistening mediterranean, trying to capture this simple joy of life that seems to strike me in the morning. The violin arrangements were inspired by a ‘new classical’ sound.”