Jacob Gurevitsch – Santa Teresa

Jacob Gurevitsch – Santa Teresa feat. Annisette is out now.

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On his newest song Jacob Gurevitsch reunites with the artist that first made him pick up his instrument, sparking a work of affection, mystery, and beauty. Twenty years ago, Gurevitsch was touring with the pre-eminent Danish rock band Savage Rose as a guitarist. At the time, the group had been living in South America and had been incorporating various elements of Latin music into their work, among them the Spanish guitar. It was then that Gurevitsch was first introduced to the
instrument and—as he tells it—fell in love immediately, foreseeing right away that he was going to be playing it for the rest of his life.
Twenty years later, Gurevitsch is still playing the instrument with the passion and intimacy of a blooming love affair. On this next single, which comes of his fourth solo album, the guitarist reunites with Annisette, the then singer of Savage Rose.
Gurevitsch says: “It is a huge honor and a longtime dream of mine to be able to play this duet. This is a very important song for me, playing with one of greatest sources of inspiration.”
The song ‘Santa Teresa’ is written and sung by Annisette to the music written and arranged by Gurevitsch. It references the famous neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, a place of special significance for Gurevitsch, having often traveled there to write
Alongside Gurevitsch’ Spanish guitar and Annisette’s vocals, the song features Jeppe Gram on drums, Kristoffer Sjelberg on percussion and Nikolaj Torp on keyboards.
Jacob Gurevitsch’ fourth album is set to be released later this year. He is currently underway with a national tour and is playing two nights at DR Koncerthuset on Nov 1 and 2.