Jacoby & Lindrum

The story about Jacoby & Lindrum is a real-life fairy tale.

On a dark and stormy October evening in 2014 a charity event was held to support the group Girlfriend to Girlfriend at the Opera, Christiania. The audience consisted of supporters, tourists, drunks – and composer and DJ Al Lindrum and his friends.

Jonas Rendbo, who was supposed to sing at the event had cancelled few seconds before the show. As a substitute, he sent the singer, songwriter and guitarist Aske Jacoby, who brought songs from his latest album, Chant. Aske did not experience a wild response to his appearance, but enough for the audience asked for a curtain call. He chose instinctively the title song from the album, Chant.

Al may not put much attention to Aske’s performance, but when he kicked of Chant, Al suddenly woke up. Al was getting his groove on and the idea of producing a dance version of Chant suddenly appeared in his mind.

After the show Al took contact to Aske and presented his idea. Aske, who himself had struggled with a similar idea for some time, grabbed the opportunity immediately. A few weeks later they met in Al’s studio and started recording. After that Al continued to work on his own and suddenly they stood with three different versions of the song, which is now called REchant.

Thus arose the adventure Aske Jacoby / Al Lindrum and now enriches the real world with their melodic and organic electronic music.