Jamie Porteous – Tropical Mountain Man

Jamie Porteous – Tropical Mountain Man Album is out now!

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The Australian-based Jamie Porteous is releasing his
debut album on Music For Dreams ‘Tropical Mountain
Man’. The album came to life in the middle of the corona pandemic. Whilst Australia was in lockdown Jamie got a job as an “essential” worker, delivering coffee up the coast of Queensland. This would turn out to be an adventurous road trip where Jamie would stop at all his favourite haunts.
In 2018 Jamie moved from Ibiza after having lived there for 10 years. The road trip would have Jamie and his Ibiza dog Teela drive the coffee van far North from their home on the subtropical Gold Coast. After passing Capricorn the waves stop, the reef starts and the full tropical ecosystems kick in. The mountains become filled with palm trees and the bounty beaches with coconuts. Also, the animals become stranger and more colourful. There’re wild crocodiles, cassowaries, pythons, and beautiful Ulysses butterflies.

At Jamies favourite Aussie spot with a Daintree tea plantation surrounding him the phrase ‘Tropical Mountain Man’ came to his mind. Jamie says “accompanied by a friend we would sing this hilarious song ‘Tropical Mountain Man’ which sounded like the opening of a children’s cartoon. Kind of a Spongebob vibe.” This can be heard at the end of the song ‘Tropical Mountain Man’. “There’s nothing quite like being somewhere as beautiful as the rainforest, especially when the whole world has shut down… It truly felt like being in heaven at times and I will never forget this unique experience. As soon as I got home, I started producing the songs inspired by these 2 months on the road.” – Jamie

Enjoy the album, ‘Tropical Mountain man’


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