Julie Pavon – High

Julie Pavon – High is out now.

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We are very proud & super excited to welcome Julie Pavon to the Music For Dreams family.
Julie is such a unique & talented artist, and we urge you to go and see her live shows to witness the energy & emotions she brings to her performance.

‘High’ reveals a more austere, atmospheric sound than her previous material. An estranged voice ringing through the loveless space of a dubby, compulsively driven house beat.
Julie says: “The song is about the emotional contrasts in how I experience myself through the eyes of others. The high is the state of joy and desire and pure energy.
The line ‘I’m so much more fun, ain’t I?’ is both sort of strong assertion and a more timid or vulnerable question to those around me. Am I really?
There is a process of understanding that it isn’t just the highs that are positive but that you can also be appealing or have value in other frames of mind. There are a lot of layers and complexities in that feeling that I want to capture in the song. I picture this scene of standing on the dance-floor and being just where I want, this sense of infinite joy. And then everything ending, and the darkness descending. I try
to turn over this scene through the verses, the emotional states involved in it and the attitudes towards the world they give rise to. The thought that if you don’t understand this darkness, then we’ll never get deeper than just having fun. As a way of taking back control.”
‘High’ is produced by Julie Pavon, Uffe Christensen and Johannes Bruun. It is the first single in a lead-up to an EP, which will be released October 22nd on Music forDreams.