Julie Pavon – Watch Her Dance

Julie Pavon – Watch Her Dance is out now.

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With only four songs out—‘Jealous’, ‘Herd Animals’, ‘Don’t Call Me Out’ and ‘High’— Julie has managed to charm both critics and audiences with her combination of raw, leftfield beats and fiery, resounding vocals. The music is accompanied by vivid, confrontational visuals. A meeting of style, energy and emotion that certifies her as a voice of her generation.
Now Julie is ready to announce her debut EP. The release, titled Watch Her Dance, will feature three new tracks (‘Watch Her Dance’, ‘Bouquet of Flowers’ and ‘Hey Sister’) and three that are already out as singles (‘Don’t Call Me Out’, ‘Herd Animals’ and ‘High’). The music on the EP is produced by Julie Pavon in collaboration with Uffe Christensen (Uffe).
Read Julie Pavon’s thoughts on the EP below.

How would you describe your sound?
I’m very intuitive in my approach to creating music. I like the immediacy and freedom of being open to whatever emerges in the process. There is a rawness about my tracks. It has to be straightforward and ‘real’. When I record, I want my natural feeling through the song to be heard in the vocals. Which is why I try to sing through the whole track in the studio, so that you are able to feel myself and my emotions in my voice. Which mirrors what I do performing live.

What are your lyrics about?
The tensions and turmoil and thrills that I feel inside me. In a way I see ‘Julie Pavon’ the performer or artist as a sort of reactive version of myself, one that is able to react on these energies and emotions I feel, one that is able to express them with no reservations in a way I can’t myself. A central thing that I’m drawn to is duality. Both within me and in the world around me, in the mind of my generation. Wherever there is contrast, there is friction, energy, which is what I’m interested in.

Is there a song on the EP that carries special significance for you?
‘Watch Her Dance’. The song is me looking at myself, trying to make sense of the good and the bad, how they are tangled together in what I do. I see myself dance, ‘you’ are seeing me dance. I’m expressive, I’m energetic, positive. But there is also darkness, rough times. I’ve been dancing them away for years. But now I’ve started seeing myself from the outside, understanding the way my mind works. There is a personal and psychological process I go through in the song. The dance and the movement is me. There can be something vague and fleeting about it, but it is my joy. And the better I understand myself, the more I’m able to smile when I dance. The song is a duality. A duality of the inner and outer me, which I’ve known all my life, dancing with smiles and dancing with tears.

Volume, Århus, DK. Headline act. 24.02.
Vega, Copenhagen, DK. Headline act. 04.03.
Spot Festival, Århus, DK. 06.05.
The Great Escape, Brighton, UK. 12.05.
Syd For Solen, Copenhagen, DK. 09.06.
Øhavet Festival, Ærø, DK. 22.06.
Musk i Lejet, Tisvilde, DK. 21.07.
O Days, Copenhagen, DK. 04.08.
Copenhagen Pride, DK. 17.08.
Alerta Festival, Copenhagen, DK. 19.08.
Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen, DK. 25.08.
Lollapalooza, Berlin, DE. 09.09.
BY:LARM, Oslo, NO. 14.09.
Gimle, Roskilde, DK. 21.09.
Reeperbahn, Hamburg, DE. 22.09.
Cologne Music Week, DE. 26.10.