Ken Fan – Momentum of Love

Ken Fan – Momentum of Love Album is out now.

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Ken Fan is a resident of Ibiza, known for his DJ residency at Cafe Del Mar. He uses the positive energy of the island as inspiration to produce and arrange music.

Ken lived in the UK & after working in Ibiza for over 18 years, Ken Fan
finally took the plunge and moved to Ibiza full-time in 2009, where he now plays a crucial role in one of the island and world’s best-loved
venues Café Del Mar.

Now Ken Fan is out with his marvellous debut album on Music For Dreams: ‘Momentum OfLove’. Mentioning a few of the beauties is ‘The Prophecy’ that’s driven by the hand-pan alongside atmospheric strings putting the listener in a dreamlike state. ‘The Shiva’ consists of a moving beat with melodies from the Chinese pipa and opera vocals – an unusual mixture of sounds that Ken Fan magically
consolidates. And this album’s first single ‘The Prophecy’ is an operatic journey of blissful pads and majestic piano rises, sustained by dynamic drum work.

With a fusion of jazz, Jamaican dub and opera
Ken Fan makes everything come together in search of higher grounds where it’ll set its mark on future Balearic releases.



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