Kenneth Bager – Red Flowers

Kenneth Bager – Red Flowers is out now.

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There’s a new album on the way from one of Denmarks foremost electronicpioneers.
Kenneth Bager’s next project, titled Silence Was Singing, is an electronic pop collaboration with British singer-songwriter Findlay Brown. The artists here present the second single, ‘Red Flowers’.
‘Red Flowers’ is a dub-inspired electronic pop track festooned with shimmering disco synths (Nikolaj Torp) and billowing trumpet hooks (Kasper Tranberg). Bager says: “The track came about a cold winter day in a studio in Østerbro (Copenhagen).
Anders Ponsaing (producer) and I had come up with a demo but it was missing something. We liked the idea of a trumpet and called up the incredible trumpetist Kasper Tranberg. When we heard the melodies and the sound of his trumpet on the track, everything suddenly clicked together. The keyboards were recorded in London by Nikolaj Torp, along with the bass, played by Colin Parkinson. The vocal, of course, is sung by Findlay Brown, and recorded on the Danish island of Møn.
Silence Was Singing, which will drop in January 2025 via Music For Dreams,