LIPS LIPS LIPS – Life Is Pretty Surreal

Music For Dreams proudly presents LIPS LIPS LIPS debut album ‘Life Is Pretty Surreal’.

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Behind LIPS LIPS LIPS is Danish musician, electronic producer, and songwriter Søren Juul (previously Indians and Søren Juul, both released on 4AD) and the Danish producer and hitmaker Frederik Nordsø (Drew Sycamore & Choir of Young Believers).
An essential difference from Juul’s previous work on this project, has been the sense of ease and spontaneity with which the creative processes have flowed. “This is an album that flourishes around subjects such as hope and existence,” Juul says. Subjects which the single ‘Seasons Call’ showcases. With the futuristic drum machine syncopation laying a clear contrast to Juul’s sensual laid-back vocals, and the pads daydreaming rising chords taking you on a spiritual journey to look for the answers one might seek. ‘In All Eternity’ is a love song that seems arrested in a state of estranged wonder or bittersweet bliss.

The grand piano stabs rise like skyscrapers in autumnal vistas, while the metronomic beat float around with strings swirling into and untying themselves another track: ‘Lifetime Girl’. A track that flows in a deliciously plush design, pristine synths twirled around drum machines, surging like warm tingles through the body. A trudging drum machine dub-groove, courtesy of producer Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights) is present in ‘Divine Order’ accompanied by Juul’s cosmic flow with all its odd knots and turns that tie us up, set us free, and sometimes land us in just the right spot. About the album Juul says: “it was written in a period marking the end of a very chaotic, and the beginning of a new chapter. Music was my only ground zero. A comfort zone where I could find the peace and space to write and articulate my stories. Through this process, I’ve found myself again. I’ve been in contact with my childhood, which resulted in me daring to dream about the future once again.” Sit back, relax, and sway headfirst into ‘Life Is Pretty Surreal’s storytelling capsule.


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