LIPS LIPS LIPS – Seasons Call

Music For Dreams proudly presents the fifth single from LIPS LIPS LIPS forthcoming second album. ‘Seasons Call’ comes out 1st of October with the album following up on the 17th of November.
Behind LIPS LIPS LIPS is Danish musician, electronic producer, and songwriter Søren Lykke Juul (previously Indians and Søren Juul, both on 4AD) and the Danish producer and hitmaker Frederik Nordsø (Drew Sycamore & Choir of Young Believers).
With the futuristic drum machine syncopation laying a clear contrast to Søren’s sensual laid-back vocals and the pads daydreaming rising chords taking you on a spiritual journey yto look for the answers one might seek. The duo themselves says that “it’s a track about traveling and moving oneself thousands of kilometers, arise to the surface to peek, meet reality and lay the past behind, discover the untouched realities and form a new one for oneself.
Sway away headfirst into the ‘Seasons Call’.


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