Lulu Rouge

Lulu Rouge is DJ T.O.M. and Buda, two of the most respected DJs and producers on the Copenhagen scene. Both of these two travellers have been around crashing club land for a decade and a half.

Recently DJ T.O.M has been Trentemøller’s partner for the last 3 years straight touring the world in nearly every major club you can think of – weekend after weekend. It was on this extensive world tour that Trentemøller’s current star status was founded. For several years T.O.M. also held down the prestigious position as head booker in world famous VEGA Nightclub, a club where he had been a resident since the late 90s.

Buda has been in several bands and constellations in his past. The ground breaking chill-out band Banzai Republic needs to be mentioned here for their release “This is where the Fun starts early in the Day”, an album featuring Al Jarreau, Bukka White and Cesaria Evoria amongst others. Artists such as Bliss, Laid Back, TelepopMusik, Phil Mison, Sergio Mendez, Cirque de Soleil and Ganga has also been blessed by Buda’s production skills. Buda is by many regarded as one of the most exciting chill producers in the world.

With their music and productions these two chess playing gentlemen are represented on more than 100 of the biggest compilations worldwide. For instance series like Global Underground, Costes, BBC Blue Sessions, Luftkastellet, Mambo and Buddha Bar.

Today the 2 DJ heads, producers and long time friends have decided to join forces and put all the chips on one number; Lulu Rouge. Thus creating one of the most interesting and refreshing sounds coming out of Scandinavia.