Mike Salta & Mortale – Moloko island

Mike Salta & Mortale – Moloko island Album is out now.

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Mike Salta & Mortale release their debut album ‘Moloko Island’ on Music For Dreams label. Moloko Island is a getaway where good vibes can float freely. An island where only fantasy set the limits.

It is a collection of tracks, some of which have already been buzzing around the balearic / downtempo scene for a while now. The Album includes the infectious ‘Hey Moloko’ which was picked up by Hot Chip for their splendid Late Night Tales compilation, and the gamers amongst you may have noticed it in the most recent Playstation – Gran Turismo 7 soundtrack. Outro track ‘Bye Moloko’ is a brand new Re-edit of this classic.

The music of Mike Salta aka Gert Nygaard flaunts an eclectic palette, collecting strands from New Orleans funk, 80’s italo disco or Brazilian tropicalia and transforming them into rich and sun-drenched dance music.

The album is produced in collaboration with long-time studio partner Mortale, and is a sumptuous piece of chillout to call on the summer. A full-bodied groove of an album to transport you and soundtrack those sunny days & balmy evenings. Moloko Island concludes a voyage and reconcile an era where electronics and acoustics have been explored and united in the unique sound and vibe Mike Salta and Mortale has strived to unfold…