Music For Dreams – 20 Years : Best Of

Music For Dreams – 20 Years : Best Of The Compilation is out now in all digital stores.

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Music For Dream has its 20th anniversary this year.
Kenneth Bager has collected the most influential Music For Dreams tunes from the past 20 years.
Starting off the compilation with pure glamour, is
the gorgeous ’Kissing’ by no other than Bliss. Keeping the spirit is the highly successful Jacob Gurevitsch and his hit single ’Lovers In Paris’ that has left more than 35 million breathless on YouTube.
Boom Clap Bachelors makes one lucid dream
while being awake with their tune ‘Tiden Flyver’ – FYI Kendrick Lamar has sampled it… Adjusting the tempo is Bjarno’s – ‘Factor 30’. Keeping the upbeat energy is Be Svendsen’s wonderful dance track
‘Andromeda’. Na na na na ‘The Sound Of Swing’ by Kenneth
Bager himself is imprinting yet another mark for Music For Dream’s 20-year history. From the label boss, it goes to Hess Is More’s – ‘Yes Boss’.
‘Melankoli’ by Lulu Rouge is walking on the stairway to dub-heaven. Maybe they’re supposed to ‘Walk with the Dreamers’ and chill out just like Ambala and Laid Back.
To make an end of this quality compilation is the pop-darling Aura with ‘I Will Love You Monday’ and the hyper-pop-duo Perfect Plush with ‘Somebody Knows’. Oh… and to actually round the compilation off is Doctr leaving one dancing to ‘Tropique’.
Dig in to the 20-year history of Music For Dreams.


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