Music for Dreams 20 Years: Ibiza Classics

Music for Dreams 20 Years: Ibiza Classics compiled by Kenneth Bager is out now.

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Music For Dream has its 20th anniversary this year. Therefore, Kenneth Bager has collected Music For Dreams classics from the past 20
years. Amongst the staggering 31 tracks of classics is Kenneth’s tune
What’s My Name (Album Disco Edit) featuring
spoken word from Danish actor Sofie Gråbøl. (The Killing) You’ll
also find DJ Disse’s wonderful interpretation of ‘Walk On the Wild Side’ by Lou Reed, a cover that’s sure to set the mood.
Shelley Short’s ‘Coo Coo Bird’ remixed by Rødsten & Jesper Rummenigge is one of the compilation’s up-tempo tunes. Kenneth
makes you sway right into ‘Rain’ by Cantoma –that might seem like an unpleasant thing… it’s really not!
‘Drømmen’ by the deceased extraordinarypercussionist Jacob Andersen aka. Bongo Entp. is also included delivering splendid
percussion as always, and a huge sounding brass section.
Kenneth makes you stay just a bit longer in the rain by including Frontera’s ‘Walking in the Rain’.
Finishing this filled-to-the-rim compilation is Kenneth’s classic ‘Fragment 1 …And I Kept Hearing (Instrumental


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