Music for Dreams 20 Years: The Sunset Sessions Vol. 10 compiled by Kenneth Bager is out now in all digital stores. Click here to listen or download Its Summer – so that means one thing here – the latest Sunset Sessions Vol 10 – with a plethora of unreleased, exclusive tracks. Kicking of Part 1 off this year’s Sunset Sessions compiled by Kenneth Bager is DJ DIVO & OliO’s ambient mix of their upcoming single ’Beautiful Dreamer’. Ruf Dug has made a remix of ’Come By the Hills’ by Perfect Plush. A track that has an almost theatrical sound and a lyrical universe which let the listener escape from the everyday banalities to an unknown place. The Swan And The Lake and Rosebud make sure you ’Respect the Vibe’ with a cool head nodding tune. To accommodate Ibiza legends DJ Pippi & Willie Graff’s newly released debut album is a sublime remix of ‘Piel A Piel’ by none other than the Turkish islandman. Remember that old classic Greece 2000? Well, Anders Poinsang, Kenneth Bager & Claus Højensgaard has made a sunset cover version of it… Defining a true groove is Copenema’s – Can’t Sleep, Gerd Jansons remix of Let’s Dream Together by The New Age Orchestra and lets not forget the tune that rounds of Part 1 of this year’s Summer Sessions: Who Am I by This Is Not America. These is only a few of the tracks in Part 1. Every track total to the beachy feeling of sand between your toes, no matter where you are. Part 2 is coming in August.