Music For Dreams – Best of 2023

Music For Dreams – Best of 2023 compilation is out now.

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Label chief Kenneth Bager rounds up the very best tracks released this year on Music For Dreams. The compilation will be released digitally on December 29.

The Copenhagen-based indie label has entered the third decade of its existence as a stronghold in the outer regions of pop and electronic music. The label’s ever eclectic output reflects the taste of its founder and man-in-charge, DJ and producer Kenneth Bager: a man as comfortable with campy sunbathed pop as he is with finespun minimalism and experimental electronic adventures. What is sought here at the Copenhagen offices is music with a personality.

As a showcase of the label’s current operations, Kenneth Bager here compiles the highlights from this year’s releases. “I think the selection of tracks reflects the consistent quality of output we’ve been able to produce. Our music is very eclectic and often outside the codes of conventional taste. But I think that is what sets us apart and why people keep listening to us,” Bager says.

The compilation comprises 25 tracks which run the full spectrum of MFD’s offerings: from full-bodied Balearic anthems and funk-heavy house pop to sweeping ambient landscapes and nebulous electronic experiments.

Check out such gems as the warm, cornucopian downtempo of ‘El Malagueño’ from Spanish Be.lanuit’s debut LP; the exquisite repose of Ambala’s ‘Quiet Yellow Purple’; the ethereal melancholia of Hess Is More’s ‘You And Me And Them’, the vulcanic funk of Julie Pavon’s house pop hit ‘Don’t Call Me Out’ or the ghostly electro-acoustic echoes of Prins Emanuel’s ‘Västan Vind’.