Music For Mindfulness Vol.7

Music For Mindfulness Vol.7 compiled by Kenneth Bager is out now.

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An updated suite of chill-out, ambient and modern classical to align the mental frequencies, compiled by Music For Dreams label boss Kenneth Bager.
Starting off with Ghent-based Reinhard Vanbergen, who delivers a work of sweeping electronic waves interspersed with ghostly orchestral cries. On through a batch of sweet, aquatic chill-out tracks from Be.Lanuit, Phil Mison’s Ambala-project and Ken Fan and some wonderful guitar-laden ambient pop from Troels Hammer.
The always reliable Dj Pippi & Willie Graff are one here with a couple of gently tempered boogie tracks. So is the Danish-Brazillian alliance Copenema and the master of the Spanish guitar, Jacob Gurevitsch, who delivers a breezy morning meditation.
And more!