New Age Orchestra – Let’s Dream Together

Music For Dreams are proud to announce the release of
‘Let’s Dream Together by The New Age Orchestra.

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Danish DJ legend and club entrepreneur Kenneth Bager
has been digging, headfirst, in the lost archives in search
of the sought-after ‘Let’s Dream Together’ by The New Age
Orchestra from 1989. Originally a single-sided promo – 50
copies made. We’ve never received so many requests for
a file or a copy of the original vinyl, as of this one.

The New Age Orchestra was created as a side adventure
to the ravey nature of Dr. Baker. Kenneth found the original 2-inch master tape and baked it in December 2019.
The stems were now reborn, and some new ones arose
that had never been used before. Therefore, it has become a 5-part musical story.

‘Entrance’ introduces the story with the swimming pad
chords swaying in the wind. Accompanying is the sensual
clarinet and synth-trumpet solo, that makes sure you feel
as one with the track for the story’s upcoming 2nd part:
‘Then La Llegada da los Tambores’.
Bringing the swinging steel drums on top of the rocking
beat hand in hand with a spellbinding synth-guitar solo filling out the hypnotic breakdown preparing you for the
story’s mellow and beatless 3rd part: ‘Momento del Sol’.
This part has the added tenor violin and piano on top of
the sweeping soundscape, delivered by the earlier mentioned pad chords you know so well.
Following up is the 4th part, the dream we’ve always
dreamt of, the caressing and beautiful smooth melodic
contour and noble warmth of ‘Let’s Dream Together’s’
sonority is a The New Age Orchestra fingerprint. The lost
piece of treasure that’s resurfaced, taking you on a hike
down to the beach. The groovy beat, voluptuous vocals,
satisfying driving bassline, are as dreamy and whimsical as
can be and states, once and for all, that ‘paradise’ and
‘dream house’ are genres meant to be.
Keeping the trance in level is the 5th part ‘Epilog’; which
marks the end of this dream. Another beatless imprint with
a soothing saxophone, once again followed up by the
sensual clarinet, a combination that erupts into a realization of attendance in a lucid dream. A controllable
dream, in which one must press play to be able to continue.
Let’s dream again with ‘Let’s Dream Together’ by The New
Age Orchestra


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