Pepe Link – Scenes From My Soul

Pepe Link – Scenes From My Soul Album is out now.

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The release of “Scenes From My Soul” marks the culmination of the career of one of the essential figures in the history of electronic music on the island of Mallorca, undoubtedly one of the most influential DJs of his generation and one of the most important figures in the Balearic sound. We are talking about someone who, since the very beginning, has been faithful to the vibe -not so much a style as a way of conceiving music, more concerned with what it provokes than with conforming to the rigid rules of any pattern. In fact, Pepe López Ojeda (Palma, 1968) proves on this first LP that his way of conceiving music has more to do with the creation of a landscape and evoking a moment: you can almost hear the breeze from the sea, your breath in sync with the waves in the background.

In 2020, Pepe Link returned to his role as producer to shape a first single, “Gypsy Love Affair”, after three decades behind some of the world’s most prestigious booths, continuously demonstrating his impeccable taste as a music prescriber. Whether at the head of several radio programs or as musical director of the Cappuccino group, for which he has already directed ten compilations that have contributed to making the brand a globally recognized label, Pepe´s careful music curator work continues to impress and delight. For his personal project, it was clear that for his release there was no better label than Music for Dreams.

In 2022, “Korasoul” would be released and from then on, in collaboration with the Copenhagen label, he began to dig into his hard drive in search of the best musical ideas and sketches he had accumulated over the years. From there emerged the songs that make up this album, which could be considered a career retrospective, almost a greatest hits compilation, were it not for the fact that all the songs (except those already mentioned) are unreleased and were recorded with a plethora of collaborators, including the engineer Tolo Servera, the legendary Cuban trumpeter Alejandro Delgado and Brazilian singer Marta Santamaria.

The collaboration with Music for Dreams and the complicity with his alma mater Kenneth Bager has given him the opportunity to count on session musicians to bring the required organicity to the tracks.

It has also allowed him to follow his personal obsessions: soul (the version of “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers), bossa (“Vem Menina”, by Tania Maria and Emilio Santiago), flamenco airs (“Korasoul”) and even soundtracks and contemporary classical music (the nod to Wim Mertens with the version of his “The Scene”).

To come full circle, Pepe Link enlisted the help of fellow DJ and producer Kiko Navarro to complete the mixing and mastering of the album. Both are two of the pillars of the island’s electronic music scene, and he credits Kiko as one of his masters in terms of DJing and producing. The rest he has learned on his own since 1994, when he first stepped into a booth. To this day, he has achieved a mastery that few can match. That’s millions of nights, hundreds of millions of beats, an enormous amount of good vibes.

Now he has poured almost everything he knows about vibes into this album. Although in Pepe Link’s case it would be more accurate to say what he feels rather than what he knows, because if one thing is clear when listening to “Scenes From My Soul,” is that there are no filters or cutoffs here: Pepe Link has poured 30 years of experience into each of these songs, 30 years of music, of listening to it, of playing it, of feeling it; 30 years of merging his life with it.