Pepe Link

Pepe Link, is a renowned DJ and music producer based in Mallorca ; Balearic Islands He was one of the first DJ on the island to explore and produce electronic music and mixing in his sets with ambient sounds, ethnic vibes, folk, reggae, soul and funk creating like other dj in Ibiza a particular balearic personality . Vinyl collector since his youth he started his professional career as a radio DJ in 1994 working in The best Mallorca local radios shows.
it was the beginning of his professional career as a DJ. He is currently still hosting a radio show every Sunday on global internet radio https://www.mallorcasunshineradio.com/schedule/ & www.inselradio.com with the show “ The Apartment “ a place to discover Pepe´s old and new music from jazz to avant-garde sounds .

He was the first Mallorca DJ to play in the most prestigious International electronic music festivals such as Ars Futura 96 and Sonar 97 mixing different kind of musical styles such as jazz, bossa-nova and folk with the most vanguard electronic music. In addition he has held his own residences in the main clubs on the Balearics such as Pacha, KU, Bcm, Garito, Privilege Ibiza, Titos, Garito Cafe and gigs around Europe and beyondlike Zurich, Basel, Brussels Lebanon,,,
His DJ shows mix ambient , balearic sounds, jazz , electronica with groovy funk, music disco, and house music grooves .

“My career as a producer starts in 2003 with a theme that gave him a huge impact in national and international electronic scene; his first work for the Stereo Records label “Guitar Vibe” was included in many national compilations such as Pacha Ibiza or international ones such as Stereo Cool, becoming included in the UK as the leading music of the European Football club in 2004. After this success I produced several new releases and remixes to diferentes artists and labels like : Lovemonk, More House , Irma, Seamless, Hed Khandi , shaboom till 2010 that stop for family reasons.

In 2019 when global pandemic stopped the world I decided to return to find ideas to make some songs and in my mind Music For Dreams was the only option to sent the 1st single Gypsy Love Affair and in 2022 the Korasoul song…was in this momento when Mr Kenneth Bager suggested to me to create / produce al Album..and was a dream for me, I selected 20 ideas from my HD and start to work very hard to make great songs for a label that is renowned in the Balearic scene.