Perfect Plush – Better of Alone

The new single by Perfect Plush – Better of Alone is out now in all digital stores.

Click here to listen or Download

Perfect Plush are ready with another catchy single that’s a treat for pop-punk hearts. ‘Better
Off Alone’ evolves from being a classic 80’s inspired A-ha song, to a pop-punk inspired,
almost blink-182 like, track. A release with a brave mix of genres.
The duo consisting of Felix Kingo and Tendo Herbst explains that ’Better Off Alone’ is about
the ambivalent realisation that, you are better off alone than with the one you love.
Perfect Plush has gained momentum with the singles ‘Come By The Hills’ and ‘Dance The Night Away’. The two songs have been played over 680 times on Danish radio since September 2021.


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