Perfect Plush – Dance The Night Away

The new single by Perfect Plush – Dance The Night Away is out now in all digital stores.

Click here to listen or download

Dance the Night Away’, a brave release with sound elements from punk, gospel, Britpop, soul, and rock, yet still firmly rooted in their teenage-goofy pop-universe, with added dragon roar and wolf howls, and an unexpected metal twist.
When the duo was about to write the track, they might have said something like: ”What if, we make a punk drummer play a techno beat, put a massive brass section on top of it, and write a pop song off that?”
It’s a hyper-pop-inspired tune that was made after er heathen meditation ritual, in a summerhouse in the northwest of Zealand. Perfect Plush says that: “The song is about the fortunate moment, where you’ve found someone who spits fire, and you want to embrace that existence in a shamble of sound.” This is a production that, yet again demonstrates the band’s perkiness, though still managing to write a pop track that blows one away. The song is produced by Perfect Plush in collaboration with danish legend and Music For Dreams honcho Kenneth Bager. Once again, Marie Carmen Koppel is responsible for the choir and Claus Højensgård for the brass section. And a new input by drummer Caito Sanchez (Charles Bradley & The Extraordinaires, Midnight Magic, etc.) who tops the song with his fills.


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