Photo: Emmalisa Pauly

Prins Emanuel

Multi-instrumentalist, live drummer, producer and DJ Prins Emanuel has made quite a stir in the underground scene over the past years. Only just halfway through his 20s, this energetic young man has kept busy with a lot of different projects: the main hub of it all being the vinyl label Fasaan Recordings. With a string of 12″ releases together with fellow label runner Golden Ivy, they’ve reinvented the disco and boogie sound with influences from dub, afro & tropical music. Later, through his alias Witch Doctor and with the live duo of Golden Prinz he has explored a more electronic side of that sound, moving closer to house territory. On his first solo album released by Music For Dreams: Arbete/Fritid, ¬†Emanuel brings together many of the influences that has shaped his earlier works (and his colourfull DJ-sets) and creates a unique work that seems to stand on its own completely.


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