Aleceo – Teletrip – 2LP

Aleceo – Teletrip
Limited Edition double vinyl LP

A1 Liebe Tanzen 06.07
A2 Take My Love 05.19
A3 Dome 07.38
A4 Know Him 06.43
B1 Dipping Into You 07.38
B2 Teletrip 05.12
B3 Monotone 07.10
C1 Nevesomost 07.32
C2 Priceless 10.00
C3 Clouds 06.13
D1 Whisper To The Wind 08.28
D2 Mzi 07.58
D3 Dome (Kenneth Bager Reprise) 04.33

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Aleceo – Teletrip – 2LP

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Limited Edition – Double LP

A1 Liebe Tanzen
A2 Take My Love
A3 Dome
A4 Know Him
B1 Dipping Into You
B2 Teletrip
B3 Monotone
C1 Nevesomost
C2 Priceless
C3 Clouds
D1 Whisper To The Wind
D2 Mzi
D3 Dome (Kenneth Bager Reprise)

Russian born and very gifted musician Aleceo is a new addition to the ongoing rooster of Copenhagen’s prolific Music For Dreams label – Aleceo came to attention of label boss Kenneth Bager with the brilliant first Ep ‘Clouds’ – (all tracks included here.). Aleceo has his own musical voice, he produces and composes music that is rich in harmonies and melodies – he sits somewhere between Balearic and Deep House – combining the past and moving forward and this double vinyl ‘Teletrip’ is an excellent taster of his many talents and a real body of work.

’Liebe Tanzen’ is a sunny mood full of vintage Roland vocoders, imagine yourself in a Zeppelin watching the earth from the skies and hearing handclaps, acidic noodling and beautiful rhodes combined with a high pitched soulful voice repeating ‘Take My Love’ and you have the mood of a modern soul track supported by the balearic brigade. ‘Dipping Into You’ is a deep house mood featuring the beautiful voice of Jelila- sounding like a late 80 ties Boy’s Own track played in a barn just when the Sunrise appears.

One of the outstanding killer tunes and a real grower on the debut album by Aleceo is the single ’Whisper To the Wind’ a track recorded with Canadian singer Wulf SoulFire – ten minutes of powerful Roland 909 drums, talking verses and a sublime chorus.
‘Nevesomost’ – a cinematic, melancholic acidic journey that was inspired by the old USSR SciFi movie ‘Moscow Cassiopeya’ where a group of children was sent to Mars. ‘Monotone’ recorded in Bali and sung by guest singer Masha Verymaryland – a french song about a girl who loves to dance and sing with arpeggios, Xylophones that sets the mood for a dreamy French Riviera. ‘Clouds’ is first class ambience feat the Siberian multi instrumentalist Sergi Kampanella playing the Mandolla. The title track ‘Teletrip’ is tv samples mixed with 80 ties new wave drum machines. ‘Priceless’ is a downtempo documentary live recording Aleceo did with his American native friend Kita. ‘Dome’ full of accordions, balalaika, handclaps and melancholic keys tells the story of Dome Of God – the place of peace and happiness and makes you wanna sit by the seaside. ‘Know Him’ is inspired by gospel from the Mississippi church. ‘Mzi’ wouldn’t sound out of place in a Leo Mas warm up tape from Amnesia in Ibiza – middle 80ties with its obscure breakdown full of 30/ 40ties voices. Bonus is the inclusion of Kenneth Bagers reprise of ‘Dome’.

The album ‘Teletrip’ by Aleceo feels like a forgotten balearic album with a modern twist suddenly washed upon the shores on the White Isle.

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