Cantoma – Cantoma (Deluxe Album)

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The album was originally released in 2003 but quickly became a modern chill out classic selling 15.000 vinyl albums and tracks from the album has been featured on more than 150 compilations and was supported by Ross Allen, Idjut Boys, Moonboots and Dj Harvey.

A1. Marisi
A2. Essarai
A3. Rain
B1. Pandajero
B2. MoonSmith
B3. Cosmopole
C1. Balafia
C2. Etoile
C3. The Call
D1. Overtime
D2. Bill Morgan On The Organ (Bonus Track)
D3. Early Till Late

Bonus 12″
A1. Pandajero (Unreleased Ruf Dug Remix)
A2. The Call (Banzai Republic Remix)
B1. Mono Christy (Unreleased – Kenneth Bager Edit)
B2: Trussevich (Bonus Track)
B3: Katja

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Music For Dreams are proud to announce this deluxe release of the debut album by legendary Café Del Mar Dj and extraordinaire collector, Phil Mison aka Cantoma.

The album includes all the original material that has become modern balearic, chill and lounge classics: “Pandajero “- dubbed out flamenco, the indian vibes of “The Call”, “Rain” showcases Phils fantastic guitar playing over electronic timeless beats, the beautiful “Essarai”, the dubby compass point like “Overtime” and the mediterranean moods of “Etoile”. Every track is a winner.

This deluxe release incl. 3 bonus tracks that were recorded during the original sessions of the album and were only used on special Limited Japanese vinyl releases and compilations: the summery “Bill Morgan On The Organ,” the atmospheric “Trussevich” and the accordion based “Katja”. A special value for money bonus is the brand new and excellent Ruf Dug remix of “Pandajero” the most popular and compiled track of the album. Manchesters Ruf Dug slows down the original and adds his magnificent Compass Point style – turning it into a sunset tune with added Wally Badarou style keys.

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