Djosos Krost – No Sign Of Bad – CD

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When you say Djosos Krost, you gotta say DUB! Consisting of Pharfar and Filip the twosome tweaks out dubby sounds in any guise from roots to the deepest of electro from their studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Both of them are producers as well as firm musicians – Pharfar on drums and Filip on guitars and bass. The album is produced by Djosos Krost core-men Pharfar and Filip and seasoned by the Djosos Krost musical collective; the inner circle of musicians and vocalists who contribute to the Djosos output – people with roots as far apart as Jamaica, Manchester, Barbados, Eastern Europe, Russia, etc. most of them now jointly based in Copenhagen and all part of a burgeoning community. The style of the album is electronic dub and reggae, adding a cold Nordic electronic sound to the warm Jamaican vibes! The album is danceable but even more so it’s listenable… a diverse yet integrated album.

1. Straight Upfront (feat. Tuco)
2. Creation (feat. Jah Bobby)
3. Earthball
4. Call It Off (feat. Emo)
5. Darkness
6. Chapter One (feat. Jah Bobby)
7. Cover Me (feat. Little Tasha)
8. Kickwolf (feat. Lillith Heritage)
9. Once But Never (feat. Tuco)
10. Better Place (feat. Tuco)
11. Ragga Foo
12. Predator (feat. Adrian)

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Djosos Krost – No Sign Of Bad – CD

1 Straight Upfront
Vocals [Featuring] – Tuco
2 Creation
Vocals [Featuring], Written-By – Jah Bobby
3 Earthball 4:30
4 Call It Off
Vocals [Featuring], Written-By – Emo (4)
5 Darkness
Vocals – F. Nikolic*, Poul Andersen
6 Chapter One
Vocals [Featuring], Written-By – Jah Bobby
7 Cover Me
Vocals [Featuring], Written-By – Little Tasha*
8 Kickwolf
Vocals [Featuring] – Lillith Heritage
9 Once But Never
Vocals [Featuring], Written-By – Tuco
10 Better Place
Drums, Percussion – S. Schou*
Keyboards [Keys] – F. Nikolic*
Vocals [Featuring], Written-By – Tuco
11 Ragga Foo 4:27
12a Predator
Featuring – Adrian*
Keyboards [Keys] – D. Muschinsky*
Vocals – A. Wilding*
Written-By – Wilding*, Nikolic*, Schou*
12b Untitled 8:45

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