Giana Factory – Save The Youth – CD

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'Save The Youth' is the first album release by the Danish girl trio, Giana Factory, on Music For Dreams. The album, produced by the girls themselves in cooperation with producer Tomas Barfod is a nuanced exploration of the unique musical vein they first presented on their critically acclaimed EP, “Bloody Game”. Fueled by an ambition to play with the contrasts between pop and melancholic electro-house, the organic and the mechanical, the classically acoustic and futurist, Giana Factory’s music is layered and eerily inviting. Led by dark and elusive vocals from Louise Foo, their atypical and almost hypnotic sound has already drawn attention, despite Giana having only released one EP prior to “Save the Youth”.

1. Mexican
2. Rainbow Girl
3. Pixelated Truth
4. Dirty Snow
5. Mountain
6. Joy and Deception
7. Darkness
8. Sylphid Dies
9. Dive
10. Change of Heart

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Giana Factory – Save The Youth – CD

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