Hess Is More – Hits – CD

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The music of Hess is More is poppy, quirky, playful and cinematic with a unique melodic catch to it. The album features collaborations including two songs with Sylvia Gordon from Kudu. A solid and unique manifesto from a truly original artist.
The artwork has been created by renowned artist Tal R courtesy of Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin.

1. Piano Waltz
2. Yes Boss
3. Ssshhhh
4. The Magic Invention From T.D.P.R.C
5. Glove Is In The Air
6. Tip Top Dynamo
7. Never
8. Walksong
9. Would Would You Like To Disco
10. Don't Tell
11. Rosenkrantz & Gyldenstjerne
12. In The Fridge

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Hess Is More – Hits – CD

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