Jazzbox – Jazz Is The Grass I Cut – CD

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In a small village with open spaces sits a man isolated from the outside world. A background from Heavy metal, house and electronica gives him an unreligious approach to jazz music. The love for jazz started early, and the time was right to challenge this genre of improvisation and mix it with electronic elements. A playground with no limits, stretching genre definitions with energy and curiosity. The electronic jazz grooves should be more than just backing, revealing a life of its own by sampling and processing small parts of the solos to expand the experience of jazz.
Each track is an instrumental and energetic journey, with stunning improvisation in both arrangement, composition and performance. Unpolluted by outside influences, the record is Per Ebdrups personal mindtrip with the competence of Kenneth Bager as co-producer.

1. Jazz Is The Grass I Cut
2. How To Build A Chameleon
3. Later Than I Thought
4. Smiling feat. Louis Armstrong
5. Spyes Underground
6. EIA
7. Cars On Film

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Jazzbox – Jazz Is The Grass I Cut – CD

Jazz Is The Grass I Cut 7:32
How To Build A Chameleon 7:21
Later Than I Thought 8:51
Smiling 6:34
Spyes Underground 6:14
Eia 7:23
Cars On Film 6:21

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