Jerry Dimmer – Dim Dim – CD

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Jerry Dimmer, the man behind the Dim Dim sound, lives in Bruxelles, creating his own musical universe just on the rim of most known genres, electronic, pop or otherwise.

Sometimes songs manifest themselves as spacey melodic guitar adventures, sometimes frantic bubbly pieces, sometimes crooked waltzes and sambas, they come from a variety of angles, but are always recognizably Dim Dim.

Jerry Dimmer's debut album, Dim Dim's comprises a mix of all the styles touched upon through past efforts, while also mixing some even larger pop, electronic, and futuristic easy listening elements.

1. Flavia
2. Mi Corazon
3. Always On My Mind
4. T-Hop
5. Slow Pull
6. Pectina
7. Here And Now
8. Nanana Baby
9. Attendre
10. You And Me

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Jerry Dimmer – Dim Dim – CD
Flavia 5:20
Mi Corazon 4:23
Always On My Mind 4:22
T-hop 4:30
Slow Pull 4:14
Pectina 3:17
Here And Now 6:20
Nanana Baby 3:57
Attendre 5:14
You And Me 5:13

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