LIPS LIPS LIPS – 7″ Vinyl + Stickers – In All Eternity / Lifetime Girl

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LIPS LIPS LIPS – 7″ Vinyl + Stickers – In All Eternity / Lifetime Girl

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Limited Edition 7″ Black Vinyl.
Also contains 4 stickers (2 of each).

A1 : In All Eternity
B1 : LifeTime Girl
As the world starts to wake up again and soak up the sun, Copenhagen’s Music For Dreams deliver a delicious limited edition 7″ from LIPS LIPS LIPS, boasting two tracks from his forthcoming album ‘Life Is Pretty Surreal’ (Co-Produced by Peaking Lights’ Aaron Coyles). The man behind the moniker is Danish musician, electronic producer and songwriter Søren Juul (previously Indians and Søren Juul, both on 4AD).

The A Side, “In All Eternity”, was written in 2015 on piano. It’s a love song that seems arrested in a state of estranged wonder or bittersweet bliss. Piano stabs rise in a towering, stadium-leaning riff while the metronomic beat float beneath and strings swirl in supporting arcs. Meanwhile on the flipside, ‘Lifetime Girl’ is a more electronic indie dream pop love song reminiscent of early Air meets Beck in a Nordic forest.

An essential difference from Juul’s previous work here has been the sense of ease and spontaneity with which the creative processes have flowed. According to Juul, this new sort of feet-on-the-ground freedom has helped develop a more physical side to his music.

While he hasn’t totally jettisoned the ethereal or spiritual qualities of earlier days, LIPS LIPS LIPS represents a much more pronounced rhythmic vision, materialized at the hands of Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights), whose well- accomplished dub-engineering is layered deep into the texture of the album.

All recording on the album was carried out during a week-long refuge in co-producer Frederik Nordsø’s cabin in Sweden. The team included Juul, Nordsø, Coyes and label head and co-producer Kenneth Bager.

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