Lufkastellet 1 – Compiled by Kenneth Bager

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Many people travel far away to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. In 2003, we didn't fly away from Copenhagen, we just went down to Luftkastellet. A chilled bar, restaurant and hotel in the center of Copenhagen, but still as chilled as a beach. It simply had everything we needed and when you sat along the quay with your long drink and the sun went down crossing the roofs of Copenhagen, the blue northern light melted into the red of the sun. In 2003, in the spirit of this beautiful space, Music for Dreams’ originator Kenneth Bager compiled some of the most compelling, wonderful tunes that very much captured the special atmosphere of Copenhagen chill and the vibe of Luftkastellet. 14 tracks with no less than 7 exclusives are here on this compilation. People dance, make love and chill to these tunes, no matter if it's on Ibiza, in the bedroom or at Luftkastellet.

1. Bliss – Sleep Will Come
2. Cantoma – Etoile
3. Flunk – Blue Monday
4. Grasskirt – J'y Suis Jamais Allé
5. Manuel Goettsching – E2E4
6. Banzai Republic – No Matter How Hard I Try
7. Slow Train – Trail Of Dawn
8. Visti & Meyland – Banjul
9. Rework – Amoureuse
10. Luke – Heavens On Fire
11. Kevin Johansen – Guacamole
12. Hess Is More – Tip Top Dynamo
13. Rumklang – Moonlight Walking
14. Mind Over Midi – But I Say

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