Lulu Rouge – Bless You

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The debut album “Bless You” from Lulu Rouge is the most hyped albums in the Danish underground in a long time. To say that “Bless you” has its dark and melancholic moments would be an understatement. The children are crying, it’s windy and the whole scenery does at points seem a little terrible. But then again not. Just as the darkness tries to settle in on you the album easily oats on towards new enticing memorabilia. There’s even a moment of irresistible dance oor mayhem, but in that warm dubby Lulu Rouge way. It never looses control. It just goes deeper and deeper.

The smooth flow of this album never loses its balance and ensures that you never get ripped out of your state of mind, your mode – despite the several changes of tempo and moods, whether they be dark and thoughtful or chilling breezes. From the candle lit dinner table for two to the dancefloor or somewhere even more intimate.

1. Melankoli
2. Lulu’s Theme
3. Bless You
4. Ninna Nanna
5. Thinking Of You
6. Runaway Boy
7. Sweeter Than Sweet
8. Pitch Black
9. End Of The Century
10. Slow Pigeon

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